Where to Now? Company Ranks Best Cities for EMTs and Paramedics

Where to Now? Company Ranks Best Cities for EMTs and Paramedics

Article Jul 11, 2018

A new set of rankings from Security Choice, a vendor of home monitoring and alarm systems, utilized several factors in determining the “top cities for paramedics and EMTs in 2018.”

The company’s analysts considered salaries along with crime data, the cost of living, EMS location quotient (share of employment in the city vs. the national average), and projected job growth in evaluating locations. Two of their top five cities were in Georgia: Gainesville (#1) and Rome (#5). Arizona also fared well, with three cities (Kingman, Prescott, and Flagstaff) in the top 10. 

“With the high level of stress associated with the profession,” Security Choice noted in promoting the findings, “it’s important to choose a location where the best quality of life is possible, on the job and off the clock.”

Other key takeaways:

  • Of the listed Arizona cities (Douglas also checked in at #14), all have a lower-than-average crime rate and cost of living proportionate to EMS salaries. 
  • Smaller cities are heavily represented: The average population of the top 20 was 54,000. 
  • Although Santa Rosa, Calif., made the top 10 and Washington had multiple entries in the top 100, western states didn’t fare well overall in the rankings. 

For more on the rankings and methodology, see https://www.securitychoice.com/top-cities-for-paramedics-and-emt

Security Choice
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