Crossword Puzzle #2: Sticks and Stones

The tournament is a fundraiser to help purchase equipment and provide $1,000 scholarships to EMT students.
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The ongoing hurricane has led to 17 deaths and over 900 water rescues due to severe flooding in the Carolinas.
Student Aidan Spitzer raised $23K to buy trauma kits for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
Florence continues its path of destruction with at least 7 confirmed deaths and catastrophic flooding.
A roundup of the most interesting EMS media of the week. 
The AHA urges people to be heart-smart during the storm with their quick tips.
Their courage on 9/11 inspired many to public service and pushed those already serving to help their communities better prepare for any event.
Zachary Hall's 140-square-foot concrete pentagon holds 344 red, white, and blue tiles representing the first responders who died on 9/11.
A roundup of the most interesting EMS media of the week. 
The feature is helpful for the deaf community and when it's unsafe for callers to speak.
Nearly 1,000 participants will climb 110 flights of stairs in the Panama City Beach 9/11 memorial event.
A new series examines the EMS career climate in every U.S. state. 
FEMA's disaster preparation campaign encourages residents to prepare ahead of time to ensure their safety and recovery efforts.