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The Emergency Chaplain Group's volunteer counselors are former first responders themselves.
Travis Reinking, who was wanted for shooting and killing four people in a Waffle House establishment, was found by police in a wooded area.
Tony L. Beverly, 18, allegedly responded to several EMS calls, claiming to be a firefighter from Marysville Fire Department.
Jon Vernon Tuma, 39, attacked two of the firefighters who responded to the scene, resulting in charges for felony arson and assault.
Officials determined 17-year-old Austin Wyatt Rollins died by shooting himself in the head, and the school resource officer's bullet had hit the boy's hand.
Christopher Barlow, 21, is said to have experienced a psychotic break caused by an anesthesia overdose which resulted in his criminal acts.
Austin officials are unsure if the explosion is related to the string of package bombs that killed two people and injured others earlier this month.
The lead engineer didn't believe the cracks were a safety concern, but they led to the collapse that killed six people.
Despite CPR efforts from hotel employees before paramedics arrived, the 11-year-old girl died later that night.
Austin residents are on edge as authorities investigate related incidents of explosive packages being left on people's doorsteps.
Tampa-area service AmeriCare will pay around $5.5 million.
The honors were presented at the NAEMSP's 2018 conference earlier this month in San Diego.
Despite the injuries she caused, the judge decided the woman would benefit more from probation and mental health treatment instead of prison.
The longtime Minnesota caregiver and educator was one of the first CPs recognized in the U.S. 
Scott A. Cravens, Senior Director/Group Publisher of EMS World, gives an inspiring opening speech.