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Burnt-out first responders can find solace in these specially-trained pups.
Sleep rooms, a workout facility, and bulletproof windows are among the new amenities aiming to keep dispatchers mentally and physically fit.
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Jim Seavey embodied the indomitable spirit of the fire service—dedication, humor, and courage.
A review of statewide data confirms that yes, there appears to be a problem. 
Chris Polnick's dryer prototype can dry two sets of bunker gear simultaneously within two hours.
Participants were told "When you're tired and you can't take one more step, look down at that lanyard, look at that picture and remember why it is that we're climbing."
Another colleague takes his own life—when will we stop ignoring our psychological needs?
Former Peoria Fire Department captain Joe Camp diverted over $2K from the credit union account to his bank account.
The Denver Broncos will be hosting the First Annual "Honoring First Responders" game.
Use these tips to bring new providers to your organization.
A new tax credit ordinance will give eligible volunteer firefighters and EMS providers a 20% rebate on municipal property taxes.
Palm Coast firefighter-paramedic Julie Rivera and volunteer intern Brandon Davis were honored in a Tribute to First Responders event.
The understaffed Somerset Fire Department will use the FEMA grant to hire four more firefighter-paramedics.