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September 19, 2019
'Jersey Shore' star Angelina Pivarnick claims Lt. Jonathan Schechter harassed her while she was working as an EMT with the department.
James Careless, August 07, 2019
A one-on-one conversation with the city’s new EMS chief, Bill Salmeron.
August 06, 2019
The report is comprised of anonymous aggregate stress-related data collected from the CrewCare mobile App.
August 05, 2019
Paul Tarashuk, 26, was hit and killed by a vehicle on I-95 after law enforcement and EMS personnel abandoned him while he was suffering from a schizophrenic episode.
Orlando J. Dominguez, Jr., MBA, RPM, August 02, 2019
What should you know about creating and getting the most from them?
John Erich, August 02, 2019
Top medical directors publish their best guidance.
Valerie Amato, NREMT, August 01, 2019
EMS leaders discuss the pros and cons of requiring college degrees and standardizing our titles.
August 01, 2019
Participants demonstrated what they are doing to make an impact within their community using original research, interventions, data analysis, new programs or calls to action.
August 01, 2019
The Hooley Awards celebrate innovative ideas and programs in the EMS, fire and healthcare industries.
Sean P. Hulsman, MEd, EMT-P, August 01, 2019
In the video era, it’s more vital than ever in interacting with the public.
Valerie Amato, NREMT, July 31, 2019
It's up to leaders to bridge the gaps between different generations working together.
July 30, 2019
Former assistant deputy fire chief and paramedic Parker A. Foster Jr. is accused of assaulting several women.
William J. Leggio, EdD, NRP; Andy Gienapp, NRP; Derek Bergsten, MPA, CFO, CEMSO, MIFireE, July 30, 2019
Achieving the vision will take hard work from everyone.
July 29, 2019
Barishansky and Beermann-Foat were recognized for their exemplary work helping to advance EMS as a profession at the 14th annual Pinnacle EMS Leadership Forum.
John Erich, July 26, 2019
The first CrewCare summary report paints a worrisome picture.
Jonathan Bassett, July 26, 2019
False claims, negligence, even excessive use of force—they're all on the rise.
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