Eye Safety Systems (ESS)

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Eye Safety Systems (ESS)

Company Details:
P.O. Box 1017
Sun Valley, ID 83353

Phone: 208/726-4072

At ESS Eyewear, we specialize exclusively in primary eye protection for professionals in the most high adrenaline careers in the world—EMS, firefighting, law enforcement and military. Simply put, our goal is to provide the best primary eye protection available, tailored to your specific needs.

  • Protective Equipment
    The new starting point for Cross-Series™ customization is the Crosshair™, an entry-level product that defies limitations. ...Continue Reading
  • Uniform Clothing & Accessories, T-Shirts
    The new ESS Crossbow Eyeshield. Dual Coat FlowCoat lens coating (anti-fog on the inside, anti-scratch on the outside), interchangeable lenses, distortion-free optics, universal fit. ...Continue Reading