TyTek Medical, Inc.

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TyTek Medical, Inc.

Company Details:
4700 Ashwood Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45241

Phone: 513/247-2002

TyTek Medical is a manufacturer of compact, prehospital emergency medical supplies for trauma care. Our proven emergency medical products were engineered for military medics to provide emergency first aid, and are in use all over the world. TyTek Medical's emergency medical products allow first reponders to administer life saving trauma care, stabilizing patients until they can be transported.

  • Airway & Respiratory Products
    TyTek Medical’s 14 gauge TPAK chest decompression needle is in the recommended 3.25" length for treating a tension pneumothorax. You can't count on a standard IV catheter to needle a chest deeply enough in needle thoracostomy. Our 14 gauge x 3.2 ...Continue Reading
  • Airway Equipment
    TyTek Medical's disposable portable suction unit with its resilient silicone bulb performs reliably in even the harshest climates without loss of suction. The TVAC Manual Suction Unit comes in a field friendly compact package, just pull out the bu ...Continue Reading
  • Immobilizers
    TyTek Medical’s XTricate is our tech rescue extrication and immobilization sleeve. XTricate is ideal in confined space rescue and tech rescue scenarios. It is versatile in tech rescue situations, allowing both vertical and horizontal lifting and ...Continue Reading