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Featuring an innovative approach to airway management: Dual-Air™, the only adjustable oropharyngeal airway. Three sizes is all you need. Adult, which adjusts from 70mm to 100mm, with 5mm half-steps; Pediatric, which adjusts from 50mm to 70mm, with 5mm half-steps; and the Extra Large DualAir™, which adjusts from 90mm to 120mm, also with 5mm half-steps.

The Dual-Air's™ revolutionary design provides the following: improved ventilation and airway clearance due to a large opening; simplified measuring, inserting, adjusting and storage; and increased patient comfort due to the airway's adjustability without a need to remove the airway. In addition, it provides the healthcare practitioner with a "hands-free" secure airway and/or bite block when secured with Velcro head-strap.

NuZone Medical realizes EMS has limited space and often is working in cramped quarters. The three sizes allow the clinician to not only have easy access to the airway, thus, increasing its usage, but also make them more available and decrease room needed for storage. We also realize the importance of airway clearance, to decrease the post incident infection rate and hopefully improve patient survivability.

Dual-Air™ Adjustable Airway is FDA and CE certified.