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PH&S Products, LLC

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PO Box 344
Minerva, OH 44657

Phone: 888/688-6768

Our newest and most innovative line offers the latest technology and safety to first responders.

The ResQ-GRIP is protecting you everyday as you put yourself in harm's way. The ResQ-GRIP is a nitrile glove that will give you the high performance you need to protect you in the most uncertain scenarios. The first thing you notice is the superior grip from our Diamond Pattern Technology. Wet gurnies, busted IV bags, numerous bodily fluids; These all make your world wet and potentially slippery.

As you don the glove, you will quickly see that there is no comparison to the super tough nitrile compound that gives ResQ-GRIP excellent abrasion resistance and superior chemical protection. This is a glove that is tough right where it needs to be - at the hand.

Your hands are your livelihood - protect them with the best in the industry. ResQ-GRIP is designed to take the abuse of quick donning in emergency situations without breaking and to hold together until the job is done. Stop by our booth and learn more about our products, benefits and take home a free sample!