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Moulage Concepts

Company Details:
1858 Norwood Drive
Paradise, CA 95969

Phone: 530/877-2628

The professional team at Moulage Concepts is made up of simulation technologists, coordinators, authors and consultants. We have developed policy and procedure, facilitated workshops, designed simulation centers and "Bridged the Gap™ in Simulation." We not only know your challenges, we've lived them!

Moulage Concepts offers diversified simulation answers. We can help with:

1. Books: Beautiful, hard-bound, step-by-step guide (over 600 pages)
2. Beginner, intermediate & advanced kits
3. Beginner, intermediate & advanced workshops & certification
4. Customized events, courses, wounds & kits—including military & mass casualty
5. Moulage supplies

Simulation Center Design
1. New construction
2. Retrofitting existing space

Simulation Program Design, Planning and Feasibility
1. Building the foundation
2. Training/development
3. Sustainability/growth

Project Management

Lab Coordination, Implementation & Organizational Effectiveness

Integration, Training, Statistics and Policy & Procedure

Regardless of your simulation needs, Moulage Concepts can help!