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LifeBot, LLC

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4600 East Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Phone: 623-738-1422

LifeBot, a telemedicine solutions company, provides exclusive patented and military technologies for healthcare. these systems are used to send and receive live video, voice and patient vital sign data transmissions primarily in support of heart, trauma and stroke victims. LifeBot systems are also designed for management of major crises, disasters and emergencies by hospital-based and field public safety emergency professionals and for the U.S. military in battlefield operations.

LifeBot provides the most advanced systems for community paramedicine and Mobile Integrated Healthcare for complete remote physician triage and matching the level of care needed or required. 

LifeBot also provides the world's only ePCR for live use transferring all data live to the hospital, including complete physiologic data and voice video for telestrolke, STEMI 12-lead ECG, and patient information. Medical Records may be centrally stored and distributed to many field systems to even function for record lookup when "off-line". 

Our systems have been rated the most advanced winning the Frost & Sullivan 2014 Award for Mobile Telemedicine systems.

LifeBot systems also include integrated resuscitation systems for defibrillation, pacing, and monitoring and LiveCPR transmission in real time. Originally a $36 million project finianced by US Army Medical Research and Material Command and the Telemedicine and Technology Research Center (TATRC), our systems are the most advanced such systems in the world.