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Ambulance & Vehicle Components

Kussmaul Electronics

Address: 170 Cherry Ave.
Location: West Sayville, NY 11796
Company Website:
Phone: 800/346-0857
Fax: 631/567-5826
Email Address:

Battery and electrical system function are mission critical to Emergency and Public Safety Vehicles operation. For over 50 years, Kussmaul Electronics has focused on delivering products that keep vehicles energized and ready to respond when seconds count: Charging Systems maintain batteries and power in-vehicle electronics, Automatic Cord Ejects get trucks rolling with out delay, Compressor Pumps maintain critical brake pressure, Inverters produce power for onboard AC equipment, System Indicators provide vehicle readiness data, and numerous electrical system Monitors, Control, and Protection devices provide functionality in many areas of the vehicle electrical system. Contact us if you cannot locate a product that meets your requirements, special product adaptations can be made.

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