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Simulation Made Easy, LLC

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Mark Tuttle is synonymous with human simulation and created a company that is designed to provide vital support and services for his clients. Mr. Tuttle has over 14 years of experience working with human simulators throughout the USA, Mexico, Canada and Asia. From an appearance on Good Morning America, to working with the CIA, he created the first Mobile Learning Lab in North America. Touring the Mobile Lab throughout the southern region of the U.S., Mr. Tuttle provided simulation training to various institutions. Mr. Tuttle has a B.S. in prehospital medicine and has been a clinician for the past 30 years, only wanting to provide you with the best simulation training possible.

When it comes to training, SME trains the way you desire, not from a prepackaged deal. We feel that it is imperative that you and your staff receive the utmost technical support for all of your training needs. If your staff is looking to reduce malpractice insurance rates, then look no further. When it comes to programming, you never have to purchase scenarios in prepackaged sets. You send SME the patient’s symptoms and we produce the scenario for you. Whether it is one, or multiple scenarios, you know that you are getting only what you desire.

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