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Patient Handling

Binder Lift LLC

Binder Lift
Binder Lift
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Address: 23 Beacon Drive
Location: Cody, WY 82414
Company Website:
Fax: 307-224-3264
Email Address:

Binder Lift LLC provides caregivers with a Safer Way to Lift. Our patented torso wrap design product attaches 19-25 handles to the patient’s torso. These handles are what enable caregivers to team lift and to use proper ergonomics. The EMS industry will continue to have a 21x higher rate of back injury when compared to other industries until departments address the fact that sheets, tarps and belts are not meant for lifting patients; the Binder Lift is.

Protect your investment of power patient handling equipment by preventing injuries that happen BEFORE placing the patient on the stair chair or stretcher. Try one for free by participating in our 30 day free trial. Go to to learn more.

Binder Lift is a family owned and operated company and all products are made in the USA.

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