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MCI/Disaster Response

Armor Express

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Address: PO Box 516
Location: Central Lake, MI 49622
Company Website:
Phone: 231.544.6090
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Our passion for protecting the protectors has led to the creation of the first Fire and EMS-specific Body Armor systems. Safely addressing the one-size-fits-most application with consideration of comfort, mobility and ballistic protection. We offer scalable body armor designed to protect your personnel while conducting triage and exacting the victims of an Active Shooter or Multiple Casualty Incident. Fire and EMS specific product offerings include: Ballistic Protective Equipment (BPE), Active Shooter Kit (ASK) and Rescue Task Force (RTF) solutions. NFPA 3000 (PS) and (ASHER) Program related products.



Products from Armor Express

Protective Clothing/Body Armor
Protective Clothing/Body Armor
Protective Clothing/Body Armor
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