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Computer Software/Hardware

Acuity Link

Address: 259 Willow Street
Location: Yarmouth Port, MA 2675
Company Website:
Phone: 800.681.5328
Email Address:

Acuity Link was founded by emergency medical services (EMS) veterans who identified an opportunity to improve the way healthcare institutions interact with medical transportation partners.

Owning and operating an ambulance company, Acuity Link’s founders experienced the daily struggles of the current manual and outdated systems. Feeling frustration from their customers and employees, they were determined to find an innovative solution to streamline communication between healthcare institutions and medical transportation providers.

With a proven track record of entrepreneurial success in the healthcare industry, the Acuity Link team began designing the ultimate solution for managing non-emergency medical transportation logistics.

As a result, the team created a cloud-based software service that schedules medical transportation in minutes, making the process faster, simpler, and easier.

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