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Medical Equipment & Supplies

BreakThrough Innovations, LLC

Address: 3155 Elbee Road, Suite 6100
Location: Moraine, OH 45439
Company Website:
Fax: +866 605 1717
Email Address:

BTI is dedicated to the delivery of breakthrough innovations for improved patient and property owner outcomes, responder safety and operational efficiency.

The name change both reveals the company’s mission and at the same time reflects the growth and refined vision that has been evolving behind closed doors over the past year. BreakThrough Innovations will leverage the owners’ knowledge and experience as career firefighter/paramedics to introduce new and re-engineered products to the Fire/EMS market.

Based upon hands-on professional experience, Trent Shroyer and Nick Seitz, co-owners of BTI, have the insight to recognize what products will improve outcomes for both the patient and the first responder. They also want to help their fellow responders bring their own ideas to fruition with full product life cycle management, what they call the Commercialization Engine. Others can benefit from their experience, and together they can drive innovations needed to advance the pre-hospital care they all strive so hard to provide to their communities.

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