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CPR Pillow

Address: 24-10 98th Street
Location: East Elmhurst, NY 11369
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We at CPRP aim to reach a Global Market to provide First Responders with a helpful tool aimed at taking some of the undue stress out of performing CPR on someone who is suffering from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest episode. 

Our product,  the CPRP (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitaton Support Pillow) will enable the First Responder to perform proper CPR by maintaining an open airway. Simply placing our pillow underneath the head and neck region of the victim; a position  better known as the Head Tilt Chin Lift position or the Sniff position; the CPRP gives a singular First Responder the affordability to act as if there are two responders at the scene of a cardiac arrest.  In doing so the responder's use of a free hand to provide rescue breaths with a bag valve mask or pocket mask are possible.

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