Hawnwan Philip Moy, MD

Hawnwan Philip Moy, MD

Hawnwan Philip Moy, MD, is an assistant medical director of the St. Louis City Fire Department and emergency medicine clinical instructor and core faculty in the EMS Section of the Division of Emergency Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. He completed his emergency medicine residency at Barnes Jewish Hospital/Washington University in St. Louis and his EMS fellowship at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. 

Hipotensión permisiva, puede ser una estrategia apropiada en la atención prehospitalaria, cuando se usa apropiadamente.
Permissive hypotension can be an appropriate strategy in the prehospital setting when used appropriately

At 4:30 a.m. you wake to the sound of your telephone ringing. You answer, and your supervisor tells you, “Turn on the news and meet me at the office in 30 minutes.”

Your local news station is reporting that a neighboring town has just been hit by an F5 tornado. The destruction is vast, the emergency response system is in disarray, and utilities are offline. Your team assembles, deploys into the town and starts the hectic work of caring for the wounded, frightened survivors and occasionally finding the dead.

Recent data may cause us to reconsider our preferred thoracostomy location.
What does all the evidence really say about ETI before the hospital?