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There are no changes to federal guidance on the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

More Coronavirus News

Mike Rubin 04/11/2021
Its risks are low compared to the potential long-term damage and unknowns of COVID.
James Careless 04/10/2021
New CDC data shows double-masking can block more particles.
About 20% of the country is fully vaccinated, while experts often place the threshold for herd immunity at 70%.
The PFD has also vaccinated residents at smaller, pop-up neighborhood clinics at churches.
South Shore Hospital's mobile integrated healthcare program proved well suited for testing and caring for COVID patients.
Richard Huff, NREMT-B 04/01/2021
A New Jersey department onboards a new disinfection system for its ambulance fleet.
EMS World Staff 03/29/2021
A showcase of companies offering the latest in vehicle design, cleaning systems, and accessories with safety in mind.
The units will be deployed in ground ambulance services to transport critically ill COVID patients.
James Careless 03/26/2021
Planning a major drive-through site? Learn from a system that’s done it.
At least 15 nursing, assisted living, and memory care homes have seen coronavirus outbreaks weeks after residents and staff were offered shots.
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