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There are no changes to federal guidance on the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

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Kory A. Lane, MEd, NRP, CCEMT-P, NCEE, and Roger L. Layell, FP-C, CCP-C, CCEMT-P, NRP 02/24/2021
EMS providers should understand the connection and how it might manifest.
EMS World Staff 02/24/2021
How they convinced doubters and brought shots to arms.
N95s weren't sturdy enough, and others muffled communication.
Raphael Poch 02/19/2021
COVID quarantines complicate a recent immigrant’s cardiac arrest death.
Daniel R. Gerard, MS, RN, NRP 02/13/2021
Widespread acceptance can help us break the chain of infection.
The event is for practitioners focused on vaccine implementation and who can champion vaccine uptake.
Resources include videos, reference guides, and a skills checklist to prepare EMTs to administer COVID vaccines. 
The Red Cross Committee in Benevento organized training for ISOVAC's biocontainment unit.
The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized safety protocols in prehospital care and opened many eyes to the importance of keeping patients and crews safe from infectious disease transmission. Innovative EMS systems are adopting ICU-level attention to…
John Todaro, BA, NRP, RN, TNS, NCEE 02/04/2021
Recognize EMS as the first-tier, first-class healthcare professionals we are.
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