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There are no changes to federal guidance on the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

More Coronavirus News

Bipartisan bill would allow Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to reimburse ambulance providers for care delivered to beneficiaries even when the patient isn’t moved.
Lauren Poirier 02/02/2021
The pandemic hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of the University of Rhode Island’s EMS.
Daniel R. Gerard, MS, RN, NRP 02/01/2021
A lot goes into it—here’s what to consider.
Amy Irwin Jarosek 01/30/2021
A Texas system's community health medics found a new purpose when the pandemic arrived.
New cases have dropped considerably, the chief announced in a memo.
The captain who allegedly directed the scheme turned himself in.
Francisco Sanchez 01/29/2021
It’s time for a national response to our national emergency.
The new MEDS Unit system was designed by veteran EMS responders.
Intubation time for Vie Scope was half compared to other device; first pass success over 95%.
The sheriff says a supervisor wanted the doses for his elderly mother.
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