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Large numbers of paramedics and hospital workers have refused the COVID shots.

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EMS will likely play a large role in administering the COVID-19 vaccine to the public.
But people need to use them for them to work.
John Erich 11/16/2020
You wouldn’t mind paying a little more for freedom, would you?
And it will supposedly be easier to store than Pfizer's version.
Facilities try to provide interpreters, but it often isn't enough.
CAPCE Executive Director Jay Scott shares his perspective with host Mike McCabe about the changes to, innovations in, and successes of EMS education in the age of COVID-19.  Will we ever go back to how we taught before? After all, a record…
EMTs and paramedics could be sporting the upgraded masks by the end of the week.
The company wants to produce 30–40 million vaccine doses for U.S. distribution this year.
James DuCanto, MD 11/08/2020
Excellent prehospital care depends on maintaining as safe a scene as possible for rescuers.
The number of coronavirus cases among children has soared to unprecedented levels, with unknown implications.
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