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Large numbers of paramedics and hospital workers have refused the COVID shots.

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Up to 5% of the city's emergency responders were sidelined at one point.
And it's slowed replacement in one South Carolina county.
The drug had been authorized for use on an emergency basis since spring.
Hilary Gates, MAEd, NRP 10/19/2020
New evidence can demand new approaches—are you open to doing things differently?
Eight months in, California is containing COVID-19 as other states spike.
In Kansas and Missouri, hospitals are wobbling under the increased load.
Devo Klein 10/16/2020
An elderly woman flees a hospital before surgery, requiring a search.
The company is the first U.S. public-safety brand to make the move.
Now restored, the dashboard shows COVID-19 hospitalizations eclipsing previous records.
COVID-19 survivor Scott Cohen tells his incredible story about being on a ventilator and losing his father to the disease.  Cohen, a retired paramedic from Nassau County, New York, was profiled in our Sept. EMS World story about long haulers.…
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