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Firehouse National Run Survey 2018

Courtesy of Firehouse Magazine, EMS World presents the 2018 Firehouse National Run Survey—a comprehensive report of fire company and department levels, funding, staffing and pay for a total of 259 fire departments that took part in this year’s survey. Respondents represent 48 states, the District of Columbia, and 2 Canadian provinces. The departments represented in this latest survey protect 90,245,453 people, and they have budgets totaling more than $18.3 billion. They provide the services with 3,982 engine companies, 1,435 ladder companies, 2,405 ambulances, and numerous specialized units. They responded to 1.4 million fire calls, 8.1 million EMS calls, and 11.8 million total calls in 2017.

This document is an excerpt of the total survey specifically detailing EMS calls and staffing among the responding fire departments. Visit for full results and more information about the survey. 

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