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When the Call Comes In: Modern Tactics for MCI and High-Stakes Incidents

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Their tools and techniques may change, but emergency responders can be certain they’ll always face the threat: Mass-casualty incidents aren’t getting any rarer or less complex. Accidents are a constant; natural disasters keep coming; and terrorists keep evolving, now into attacks like targeted auto rammings and near-constant mass shootings.

Few in EMS ignore these challenges—we all equip and train regularly to answer them. But none of us work in a vacuum, and lots of us have good ideas. There’s no shame in deriving, adapting, or just plain stealing a clever innovation or best practice from your peers.

This special EMS World supplement looks at various aspects of different MCI preparations across several proactive jurisdictions and shares some of their discoveries, insights, and approaches to preparing for those dreaded calls. Read and enjoy—and don’t be afraid to try a new idea or two.

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