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Proceedings of the International State of the Future of Resuscitation Conference

Take Heart America is pleased to share the proceedings from the 2nd Annual International State of The Future of Resuscitation Conference, held at Parc Floral, Paris, France in October 2019.

Thirty resuscitation experts presented important resuscitation work, advancements and successful outcomes to more than 350 EMS providers, including EMTs, paramedics, nurses, physicians, medical technologists, and students.

The conference was co-organized by members of SAUV Life, the French Resuscitation Council, and Take Heart America. It was co-sponsored by the French, Dutch, Spanish, and European Resuscitation Councils, Take Heart America, the Metropolitan EMS Medical Directors (aka the Eagles), the Minnesota Resuscitation Consortium, and the Alameda County EMS Agency, California.

The conference focused on all aspects of resuscitation and EMS systems worldwide that studied out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates both before and after implementation of special practices and procedures designed to improve resuscitation outcomes.

The 3rd Annual International State of the Future of Resuscitation Conference will be held as a virtual event Sept. 14–15 during EMS World Expo. Register here.

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