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Infographic: Maximize Your Well-Being During COVID

Healthcare workers (HCWs) around the globe are fighting the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The mental health of many EMS personnel in badly hit communities was battered in the first round of the fight, and few have had time to properly recover before going in for round two.  
The tidal wave of goodwill toward health workers seen in the early months of the pandemic helped many HCWs cope with the rigors of the first wave of the coronavirus. But now that's faded away, leaving the reality of a changed world. Everyday life has been disrupted. Many have been bereaved, are wrestling the after-effects of catching COVID-19 themselves, or have been flung into a position of household financial uncertainty.
It’s going to be even harder to do the COVID-19 "thing" all over again, and the risk of psychological injury is high. If anyone didn’t pay attention to prioritizing their well-being when COVID-19 first arrived, it really is important to do so now—it’s #NeverTooLate!
This infographic created by Linda Dykes, emergency physician at Hereford County Hospital, U.K., summarizes key advice from the @HCW_Welfare collaborative, an international group of psychiatrists, psychologists, clinicians, and well-being experts who developed resources for HCWs and their employers based on evidence-based strategies to promote and maintain staff well-being amid the onslaught of COVID-19. The ideas here are straightforward and easy to implement. Please give them a try and share with your colleagues.
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