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Downloadable AHORA Spanish Language Stroke Infographic

Timely treatment for stroke relies on swift recognition of symptoms and immediately activating emergency response. Community education is critical in this effort. Research shows that Spanish-speaking communities demonstrate lower awareness of stroke symptoms than their English-speaking counterparts.

To address this deficiency, Maricela Wilson, RN, BSN, community outreach coordinator at Seton Healthcare in Texas, Remle Crowe, PhD, NREMT, senior manager of clinical and operational research at ESO, and Paul Banerjee, DO, medical director at Polk County Fire Rescue in Florida, have partnered to create a Spanish translation of the BE-FAST stroke screening tool. Their hope is to reach a broader segment of the public in order to raise awareness of the warning signs for stroke.

Read our interview with co-creator Remle Crowe, PhD, NREMT, here!

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