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Association Update: National Collegiate EMS Foundation Enters 26th Year

Having just celebrated its silver anniversary, the National Collegiate EMS Foundation (NCEMSF) is poised to continue its mission of creating safer, healthier environments on college and university campuses through the support, promotion, and advocacy of campus-based emergency medical services. It remains committed to scholarship and ongoing research.

NCEMSF prides itself on creating an environment where ideas can be exchanged and problems solved. The foundation’s membership continues to expand, with now more than 300 member institutions throughout the United States, Canada and Jamaica representing thousands of college students annually involved in the provision of prehospital emergency medical care on their campuses.

In addition to providing for the acquisition of medical knowledge, campus-based EMS allows student participants to develop life skills that include leadership, communication, and decision-making. 

The cornerstone of the NCEMSF academic calendar year is its annual conference, being held this year in Pittsburgh, Feb. 22–24 at the Wyndham Grand Downtown Hotel. All are welcome to attend and enjoy this vibrant gathering, which offers exceptional educational opportunities, including over 110 lectures, roundtable discussions, expert panels, hands-on skills labs, and street clinical skills and lecture competitions, as well as unparalleled networking with peers from around the country and world.

Attending an NCEMSF conference is invigorating and rejuvenating—whether you’re a brand-new, impressionable EMT or a seasoned career medical provider, either reliving your own college experience or delivering an expert lecture. All will find themselves inspired and in awe of the excitement and enthusiasm that exists among the nearly 1,300 attendees.

But beyond the conference weekend each year, NCEMSF provides a host of additional resources and programs for its members. From its new startup documents to Collegiate EMS Week and CPR Day activities to its HEARTSafe and EMS Ready Campus initiatives, NCEMSF demonstrates its commitment to clinical excellence, constant improvement, and enhancement of services and provider abilities. 

Within the last year NCEMSF also helped launch the Journal of Collegiate Emergency Medical Services (JCEMS), the official peer-reviewed journal of NCEMSF. It is the only scholarly journal and news source dedicated exclusively to the collegiate campus-based EMS community. The journal's goal is to further promote leadership, clinical excellence, and original research.

In addition to publishing high-quality open-access content, JCEMS encourages and mentors budding leaders, clinicians, and researchers. NCEMSF was passionate about creating the JCEMS research mentoring program as a critical part of the JCEMS launch and through it aims to facilitate productive, scholarly relationships between established investigators, clinicians, and scholars.

Students participating in the program develop competency in conducting research, setting the stage for their continued development as research leaders in EMS and other fields. Projects fostered by the program result in scholarly publications and presentations that impact clinical, operational, and administrative developments within the collegiate EMS community.

To learn more about NCEMSF, visit and be sure to join us in Pittsburgh this month!

Joshua A. Marks, MD, FACS, is secretary of the NCEMSF board of directors as well as a trauma surgeon and prehospital physician in Philadelphia. Contact him at

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