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Education & Training

ActFast Medical LLC

Address: PO Box 5271
Location: El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
Phone: (855) 934-9340
Email Address:

The Act+Fast Anti Choking Trainer is a one-of-a-kind simulation device that  instructors use to make their training more effective, memorable and fun by practicing "LIVE" Abdominal Thrusts (Heimlich). It is a lightweight neoprene vest that is worn by students or placed on a mannequin. When correct hand placement and technique are used, a soft foam plug shoots dramatically from the Trainer, instantly providing strong visual feedback that students will never forget.


Act+Fast's hands-on training approach allows students to practice their technique until they master it, in addition to testing their skills in various choking rescue scenarios, such as self-rescue and victim rescue. Abdominal Thrusts can be practiced on the Anti Choking Trainer while the user is standing, sitting, or lying down. There are three models available: Act+Fast Red with a Back Slap Pad for the Red Cross Protocol; the Act+Fast Blue for the AHA Protocol; and the Children’s Trainer, designed for kids ages 5-11, and adults who want to keep kids safe.         


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