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The state's soaring coronavirus total now stands at more than 169,000 patients.

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The U.S. wasn't prepared with masks. Now it's too late.
Long-haulers, first wave vs. second wave, Type A blood: The latest on COVID-19.
Alessandro Borgonovo 07/01/2020
With much of the country’s EMS volunteer, their role is an important one.
John Todaro, BA, NRP, RN, TNS, NCEE 07/01/2020
Don’t neglect rest, relaxation, and recharging during these stressful times.
Paul Patrick 06/30/2020
The nationwide wireless broadband network is already facilitating care for these patients.
The state had plenty of paramedic and EMT jobs open even before the pandemic.
Eugene Gerden 06/28/2020
Personnel shortages have put the ambulance system under particular duress.
The number of patients who underwent resuscitation tripled during the COVID-19 period.
Topics discussed: Boston EMS hired ID doc & 2 NPs from public school system for testing help; exp dates for DuoDotes will not be extended; Moderna and Pfizer vaccine going to phase 2 for vaccine; results of SCA…
The state sets another new one-day record.
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