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EMS World April 2021

April 2021 EMS World cover

April's theme is emergency vehicles and transport, highlighted by a cover report on a New Jersey system's novel new approach to disinfecting its ambulances. Supporting articles recount an agency's crash experience and profile the winner of our best ambulance design contest. Other features look at therapy dogs, describe a New Jersey merger, and offer tips for new EMTs and paramedics, and this issue's CE article explores back pain. Columns include Resident Eagle, Journal Watch, The Edge, Vendor Viewpoint, and Diversity in EMS. 

Michael W. Supples, MD, NRP, and Austin N. Baraki, MD
Why everything you think you know might be wrong.
James DuCanto, MD
How it will improve first-pass success and help prevent aspiration.
Richard Huff, NREMT-B
A New Jersey department onboards a new disinfection system for its ambulance fleet.
Mark Corum
Even the best safety and prevention methods are no guarantee against the unpredictable.
Jonathan Bassett, MA, NREMT
EMS World’s ‘Best Ambulance Design’ winner uses specially designed vehicles to navigate challenging terrain.
EMS World Staff
A showcase of companies offering the latest in vehicle design, cleaning systems, and accessories with safety in mind.
Daniel R. Gerard, MS, RN, NRP
Hit the ground running with some veteran wisdom beforehand.
Jessica Ross, MHS, NRP, and Elizabeth Tait, PhD
With EMS stress and suicide risks high, they can be part of the solution.
EMS World Staff
A roundtable of experts discusses its application, safety and recent news reports.
John Erich
Impact4Health's scorecard can help healthcare organizations identify and mitigate biases that may influence care.
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