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Dozens of FDNY EMS Personnel Not Vaccinated for Measles

New York Daily News

May 4—Nearly 70 of the city fire department's emergency medical techs and paramedics are not vaccinated for measles, according to sources.

As officials crack down on the disease, closing schools that haven't complied with health department mandates, medical personnel on the front lines of the battle are among those at risk.

The FDNY's Bureau of Health Services went through all the immunization records after the outbreak, and realized that they had a population of unvaccinated members who were vulnerable to the disease.

The obvious danger was that they could contract the illness, officials said. But they could spread it as well.

The fire department is offering vaccinations to anyone who needs it in their ranks.

"We're taking those steps out of an abundance of caution," said FDNY spokesman Jim Long. "We're trying to keep our workforce healthy and safe and prepared to respond and operate."

According to the Department of Health there have been 423 cases identified in Brooklyn and Queens as of last month.

An April 8 DOH emergency order mandated proof of vaccination for anyone living in one of four Williamsburg zip codes.


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