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SIP™ Safety Accessory

SafeBVM Corp. has developed the SIP™ Safety Accessory to the resuscitation bag to address the problem of gastric insufflation in a cost-effective and user-friendly manner. The device ensures that every time a provider squeezes the resuscitation bag, the critical parameters of airflow generated and delivered are safe and optimal. If the provider squeezes the bag too forcefully, the device creates tension within the resuscitation bag. The tension is felt on the provider’s palm(s) as a recoil, signifying an improper squeeze. This feedback functions as a training mechanism assisting the provider to change the ventilation technique and deliver air optimally. The resulting squeezes produce breaths that have an optimal flow, pressure, increased inspiratory time, higher I:E ratio, and longer rise time, thus creating greater compliance with the current AHA guidelines. The device is dynamic and adjusts optimal airflow according to airway resistance and lung compliance of the patient being ventilated. It delivers set tidal volume with the lowest pressure possible, making the resuscitation bag function like a commonly used mode in the ventilator- Pressure Regulated Volume Control (PRVC).

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