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John Erich, February 22, 2021
Recent disasters have reinforced that it starts with you and your neighbors.
John Todaro, BA, NRP, RN, TNS, NCEE, February 04, 2021
Recognize EMS as the first-tier, first-class healthcare professionals we are.
Francisco Sanchez, January 29, 2021
It’s time for a national response to our national emergency.
Joshua D. Hartman, MBA, NRP, January 26, 2021
The COVID vaccine brings hope—and a new opportunity while we get there.  
Christian Hartley, January 24, 2021
Don’t give in to base emotions like anger—it can come back to haunt you.
John Erich, January 11, 2021
A few last content highlights worth catching before we close the book on 2020.
Jonathan Bassett, MA, NREMT, December 28, 2020
Here’s what caught your attention this year. You might (not) be surprised.
Elizabeth Jade Harney, NRP, BBA, December 28, 2020
And we can better equip EMS providers to practice it.
Robert Rajtar; Martyna Baraniak; and Łukasz Kościukiewicz, December 27, 2020
Despite pleas for caution, the numbers of infected keep rising.
Christian Hartley, December 19, 2020
We perform as we practice—don’t let safety become routine.
Hilary Gates, MAEd, NRP, December 14, 2020
The COVID vaccine is finally here—now let’s #getvaccinated.
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