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Digitech Learning Center Goes Live for EMS Providers


Digitech, a provider of EMS billing and technology services, announces the opening of the Digitech Learning Center (DLC). The DLC is a new training resource enabling pre-hospital care providers and first responders to deepen their knowledge of a growing array of topics, including a complete, internally-produced documentation compliance course.

The Learning Center’s programs use video-based training followed by quizzes that verify the participants’ knowledge acquisition. Courses are delivered in manageable sections ranging from 90 seconds to 15 minutes. Documenting Excellence, the first training program on the DLC, features eight sections in which all aspects of data collection and documentation of pre-hospital patient care are covered, including operational data, clinical data, history and vital signs, interventions and observations, billing data, and writing complete and compliant narratives.

The DLC’s programs are designed for busy EMTs, firefighters, and paramedics who can do the work at their convenience—on the job, in a coffee shop, at home, or wherever there’s a free moment and good WiFi. Mobile devices and desktop systems all work equally well to consume the training. The coursework is supplemented by an array of resources and references that participants can use to further advance their documentation skills. Onscreen instructors include EMTs and paramedics from Digitech’s staff, and material for the courses was developed in conjunction with our Certified Ambulance Coders and Quality Assurance experts along with seasoned Emergency Medical Services professionals at Digitech who understand the components and the value of clean, compliant patient care reports.

“We’re excited to offer this new resource to our clients,” said Mark Schiowitz, CEO and President of Digitech. “This medium makes it possible for EMTs to learn on their schedule and for their agencies to benefit from critical training without the huge costs and inconvenience that goes with gathering groups by taking them off the road. It’s quicker, easier, and better than the traditional classroom approach. The testing and scoring system enables EMS managers to track progress and monitor completion of assignments.”

Digitech has provided EMS billing services to clients across the United States since 1994. “We are a technology company, and the Learning Center is a continuation of our tradition of delivering high-quality, high-tech service and support to the EMS and ambulance community,” adds Walt Pickett, Digitech’s Chief Operating Officer.


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