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N.J., N.Y. EMS Cadets Test Skills in Annual Competition


Approximately 160 youth from New Jersey and New York volunteer emergency medical organizations competed in the June 8 Bayshore EMS Cadet/Youth Competition in Keyport, N.J. The event was sponsored by the Keyport First Aid Squad and the EMS Council of New Jersey (EMSCNJ), which represents approximately 17,000 EMS volunteers affiliated with more than 260 EMS agencies throughout the state.

The 6th annual event challenged 40 cadet teams with basic and advanced skills in various patient-care situations.

The basic teams tested their skills at CPR, defibrillator use, hemorrhage control, oxygen administration, splinting, bandaging and vital signs stations.

Advanced-team scenarios included trauma and cardiac patients and a motor vehicle collision with entrapped victims. Advanced teams were judged on patient assessment and proper equipment use—backboard, orthopedic/scoop, traction splint, cervical collar and accessories, oxygen, assisting with nitroglycerin administration, obtaining vital signs, CPR and airway management. The teams worked with local extrication groups during the car crash scenarios. 
Winners of the basic-level competition:

1st – Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps (NY)

2nd – Keyport First Aid Squad (NJ) – Bravo Team

3rd – Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps – Bravo Team

Winners of the advanced-level competition:

1st – Keansburg EMS (NJ)

2nd – Cranford First Aid Squad (NJ) – Charlie Team

3rd – Cranford First Aid Squad (NJ) – Alpha Team

The Hazlet First Aid & Rescue Squad won the Walter McKinley Memorial Award for best overall team. During his more than 60 years in volunteer EMS, McKinley served as president of the New Jersey State First Aid Council/EMSCNJ in the late 1970s and as a chaplain for the organization for many years. He also served on the Hazlet First Aid & Rescue Squad for 58 years, and was a member of the Keyport First Aid Squad.

McKinley passed away in 2017. His daughter, Karen Serbe, presented the trophy to the Hazlet team’s cadet adviser, Kerri Redden.

The day’s activities also included tours of a mobile simulation lab, a mass casualty ambulance bus and a sheriff’s department communications vehicle.

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