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Nev. Fire Department Benefits From TOMAR’s Revolution Lighting System


The City of Elko recently equipped its Type I Engine with the TOMAR Revolution lighting system to help improve safety for both first responders and the public. Lighting is a critical component to maintaining a safe emergency scene. The department recognized the need for improved lighting and made the switch to TOMAR’s award-winning Revolution Series.

“Since equipping our Type I Engine with the TOMAR lighting package, it has proven useful in so many ways,” said City of Elko Deputy Fire Chief, Jack Snyder. “The brightness and multiple functions of the lights have aided in our visibility during incident responses and they have illuminated the scene without having to deploy additional lighting. TOMAR lights have proven themselves on our units and have increased firefighter safety en route to emergencies and on scene.”

TOMAR’s Revolution Series is a multi-purpose warning and illumination lamp for first responders. Designed to remove the risks associated with working a dangerous emergency scene, the Revolution Series allows departments to have illumination technology in one easy-to-install light head. 

“The patented design of the Revolution Series includes a waterproof seal, built in ventilation system, and is surface mounted to reduce installation costs to departments,” said TOMAR’s Director of Marketing, Matt Barker. “The Revolution Series features many great products for emergency services departments in need of efficient and economical illumination solutions.”

In addition to great reviews from fire departments, the Revolution Series has won multiple awards. In 2017, TOMAR won the Most Innovative Warning and Illumination Product Award from EMS World, and earlier this year the Revolution multifunction was awarded EMS Today’s Hot Product of 2019. To learn more about TOMAR and TOMAR products, please visit

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