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FirstNet Releases New Mission-Ready Communication Tools


FirstNet, Built with AT&T announced January 26, 2021, the launch of four new mission-driven solutions exclusively available to all FirstNet subscribers: FirstNet® MegaRange™, Z-Axis, FirstNet Compact Rapid Deployables™ and Land-Mobile-Radio (LMR) interoperability for FirstNet Push-to-Talk (PTT).

And for the third consecutive year, Frost & Sullivan has recognized AT&T for driving visionary innovation in public safety by introducing smart solutions that cater to the evolving demands of first responders.

The new releases include:

FirstNet MegaRange: Following 3GPP and FCC standards, FirstNet is the only network where public safety can take advantage of the highest power class signaling available in the U.S. with FirstNet MegaRange, the high-power user equipment (HPUE) solution exclusively available on Band 14. For rural, remote and maritime first responders, MegaRange™ can significantly improve connectivity especially at the edge of network coverage. And for urban and suburban responders, this can help solve the common challenge of difficult coverage spots. The stronger signal may better assist those connecting from hard-to-reach places like building shadows, parking garages, basements, elevators, and stairwells, helping first responders communicate inside and out.

Z-Axis for FirstNet: Imagine looking at a map and being able to know what street corner you’re standing on, as well as how high up in the building you are. And then, being able to know where and how high up in the building all your team members are. That’s the vision behind Z-Axis capability. Think of it as the “vertical axis” view added to current 2-dimension situational awareness applications. Now available in more than 105 markets across the country, with additional markets added weekly, public safety has a new level of indoor spatial awareness. Intrepid Networks’ Response for FirstNet, a situational awareness platform, is the first to bring our Z-Axis capability to market.

Compact Rapid Deployable (CRD): Public safety agencies can now also purchase their own deployable network assets. These agency-owned Cells on Wheels (COW) can be deployed by a single person within a matter of minutes. CRDs link to FirstNet via satellite and do not rely on commercial power availability, making them ideal during emergencies in rural and remote areas, as well as areas where communications may be temporarily unavailable. And with on-the-go coverage, public safety will have dedicated Band 14 connectivity wherever it’s needed.

LMR Interoperability for FirstNet Push-To-Talk: The first-ever nationwide mission-critical, standards-based PTT solution to launch in the U.S. now supports LMR-to-LTE interoperability. This means first responders using LMR can virtually seamlessly communicate with users on FirstNet PTT and vice versa. With LMR interoperability, FirstNet PTT can complement your agency communications—such as including support staff who regularly use smartphones and allowing team members who travel outside the LMR footprint to remain connected. Plus, 11 FirstNet Ready™ devices are now approved for FirstNet PTT.


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