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McNeil and Company Expand Coverage for Emergency Services Insurance Program

New York, NY—May 4, 2015—McNeil & Company, a nationwide leader in specialized insurance programs, announces the expansion of coverage for its Emergency Services Insurance Program (ESIP). ESIP is a leading provider of industry-tailored insurance and proactive risk management to the emergency services industry.

"At McNeil & Company, we are dedicated to providing our customers with unparalleled service and the best possible coverage to meet their many evolving needs. We are excited to launch over 100 new enhancements that will specifically address issues of concern for the emergency services industries and provide more comprehensive coverage to our clients," said Derek Davis, Marketing Manager at McNeil & Company.

Enhancements include:

  • Added coverage for unmanned aircraft (i.e., drones) being used for firefighting, emergency rescue or emergency evacuation, including training for such use
  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost for vehicles less than five years old
  • Business Income coverage has expanded to provide coverage from day one
  • Software, Data and Valuable Papers coverage will be provided on an actual loss sustained basis
  • Expanded current coverage for the unintentional release of individually identifiable health information (IIHI) by adding a sublimit for fines and penalties assessed by a federal, state or local authority for a violation of statue or regulation involving the collection or distribution of IIHI (not available in all states)

Protecting members of Emergency Service Organizations is also a priority for McNeil & Company. To this end, McNeil has enhanced current ESIP offerings that include:  

  • Liability and physical damage coverage for emergency and non-emergency for members, including members' vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, watercraft and snowmobiles
  • Deductible reimbursement for members' residences: in the event of damage to a member's primary residence, while they are responding, and which is covered by his or her personal insurance, McNeil & Company will reimburse the member for the deductible
  • Rental reimbursement for a member's vehicles: McNeil & Company will pay to rent a substitute vehicle if a member's personal vehicle is damaged during an emergency or non-emergency event

To learn more about ESIP, visit For more information about McNeil & Company, visit

About McNeil & Company: McNeil & Company is a nationwide leader in specialized insurance programs, drawing on extensive industry expertise to develop and deliver policies and risk management services that meet the unique needs of clients. McNeil & Company offers the best possible specialized coverage along with a full array of risk management services to help customers maximize preparedness and grow their businesses. Established in 1989 to answer a need for more comprehensive, tailored policies in the emergency services market, McNeil & Company has developed and expanded a model for specialty insurance programs based in genuine industry knowledge and a consultative approach to loss control and risk management. Available programs include AdvenSure, ASIP, Car Wash, ESIP (and Benefits), FireWatch, HOMed (O&P Plus), WildPRO and Bar, Tavern, Club.

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