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Jonathan Bassett, MA, NREMT, September 17, 2020
We train for the unthinkable, because the unthinkable happens.
September 17, 2020
The civil settlement also involves police reform in response to law enforcement officers fatally shooting Taylor in a no-knock warrant.
September 16, 2020
RapidDeploy is arming 9-1-1 telecommunicators and first responders with more real-time information and situational awareness so they can reduce overall response times and save more lives.
September 16, 2020
The first performance period for the Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport Model will now begin on January 1, 2021.
September 15, 2020
Demers Ambulances is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the company's founding in 1960.
September 15, 2020
With less muscle mass, you need more personnel, adequate resources and lots of training: the average age of the EMS volunteer at Sun City Center Emergency Squad is 72 years old.  Stop the Bleed…
September 11, 2020
To pay off various debts, the Treasury Department has used nearly $4 million from the FDNY World Trade Center Health Program, which covers medical expenses for first responders who have 9/11-related…
September 10, 2020
Through the partnership, Airsave will act as ER’s sole representative to initiate sales of its software to first response agencies in Africa.
September 09, 2020
The agreement allows for EMS aircraft and crew to support the local community when not in active service of the military elements conducting training at the base.
James Careless, September 07, 2020
One study sifts through the evidence on whether EMS agencies should allow sleeping on duty.
Joshua D. Hartman, MBA, NRP, September 01, 2020
We must find a way to address the anxiety, depression, stress and loneliness that brings our colleagues to their untimely demises.
September 01, 2020
Valley Med Flight unveils its new name for all nine of its air medical EMS bases.
August 31, 2020
FirstWatch, the first industry sponsor of NEMSQA, will support the organization's efforts to measure quality improvement in EMS.
Brandon Heggie and Brad Keating, August 31, 2020
An overview of injury mechanisms and strategies for managing protest scenes.
August 30, 2020
Guardian Air flight nurse will receive a commemorative award and registration to EMS World Expo.
Jacob Sorensen, August 28, 2020
With vehicle numbers reduced, drivers are taking chances—what it means for responders.
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