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What are the pros and cons of pads vs. paddles in pediatric defibrillation?
Dr. Mom (or Dad) are the experts, and know what works best to calm their child.
Scott DeBoer’s latest pediatric video tutorial discusses pediatric defibrillation—a rare event but one that can save a child's life.
There is no limit to what kids have instant access to these days—including dangerous viral "challenges."
Scott DeBoer reviews the two most common neuro assessment scales in EMS, and what you need to know about using them.
Capt. Dan Cohen of Williamson County EMS asks Dr. Tania Glenn about the role of targeted fitness programs and equipment, both on and off shift.
In the ABCs of emergency care, if you don’t have A, you don’t worry about B and C because you won’t have them for very long.
Scott DeBoer of Pedi-Ed-Trics Emergency Medical Solutions uses a sheep brain and skull to review the pathophysiology of meningitis.
If you’re truly motivated to make a change, nothing can stop you.
What do you REALLY need to remember about spinal cord injuries and dermatomes?
Dan and Dr. Glenn cover topics that haven’t fit into prior episodes.
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