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E-books and Supplements

Timely treatment for stroke relies on swift recognition of symptoms and immediately activating emergency response. Community education is critical in this effort. Research shows that Spanish-speaking…
Kenneth Scheppke's presentation—available here—covers types of vaccines, how they work, the different choices on the market, screening and administration protocols, post-vaccination symptoms and more.
Properly implementing a basic life support approach to the Head-up CPR bundle of care.
This e-book describes new research, community resources and survivor stories surrounding a new, critical chapter of recovery from sudden cardiac arrest.
The Johns Hopkins Lifeline team sets the standard in reducing risk of disease transmission.
Updated for 2021, this resource outlines some of the most common training and certification opportunities available to today's EMS professionals.
The COVID pandemic has forced a shift to remote learning and training. How has it impacted EMS?
Emergency physician Linda Dykes offers this easy-to-share resource of straightforward strategies.
Experts presented important resuscitation work, advancements and successful outcomes at the 2019 gathering in Paris.
What did the future of EMS look like 20 years ago?
Larry Bennett's new resource includes "best practices" videos from experts to keep you in compliance with the law.
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