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Current Issue: January 2020

EMS World cover January 2020
The January issue offers cutting-edge articles on assisting parents after children die and head elevation during CPR, as well as features on EMS reality shows, intrahospital transport, and wellness testing for first responders. Airway management coverage includes a quick guide to tubes for kids, while bonus data/IT content looks at protecting agencies from cyberthreats. A new column from top EMS docs, Resident Eagle, joins Journal Watch and EMS Around the World. 
Peter Antevy, MD
They’re often forgotten on their worst day—how can EMS help?
John Erich
Optimism remains high as it becomes part of systems’ care bundles.
Daniel Casciato
What's it like to have a camera crew follow you on every call?
Peter Taillac, MD, FAEMS
A team of experts defines optimal out-of-hospital treatment.
Antonio R. Fernandez, PhD, NRP, FAHA
Can good old-fashioned grit help providers be more resilient to adversity?
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