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Current Issue: January 2021

EMS World January 2021 cover
A look at safe airway management during COVID-19 highlights the January issue, which also offers features on prehospital CPAP, street medics, a stroke card system, authentic leadership, adapting MIH to battle COVID, and a CE review of street drugs. Returning columns include Resident Eagle, Leader's Digest, and Journal Watch, while new ones include Vendor Viewpoint and The Edge. The EMS Hall of Fame inducts the responders of 9/11 and Baron Larrey. 
James DuCanto, MD
Excellent prehospital care depends on maintaining as safe a scene as possible for rescuers.
Nathanael Smith, MD
When should you use it, and when should you avoid it?
John Erich
Can they be an asset when protesters are injured?
Ryan D. Pappal, MD, NRP; Hawnwan Philip Moy, MD; Laura Heitsch, MD; Peter Panagos, MD; and David Curfman, MD
A case report suggests promise, but such programs face challenges.
William W. Tollefsen, MD, MSc, MBA, FAEMS; Kelly Lannutti, DO; and Eugene Duffy, NRP
A hospital-based program pivots to manage a pandemic.
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