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EMS World July 2004

EMS World Magazine has been published continuously since 1972. Informative and balanced editorial content make EMS World Magazine the most authoritative source in the world for clinical and educational material designed to improve the delivery of prehospital emergency medical care. It is written, edited, illustrated and formatted to appeal to the full spectrum of EMS professionals: Paramedics, EMTs, administrators and instructors working in private and public services.
Attack One responds to a report of a child ill.
Emergency service injuries and fatalities associated with emergency vehicle collisions are tragic.
Until March 1999, I was a happy mother of two boys, working as a firefighter/EMT-I at an industrial plant in North Dakota.
From the first EMS classes we attended, we were taught that children are not small adults.
One of the most frantic prehospital scenarios is one involving a child in respiratory distress.
John Blankenship, RN, BSN
If you travel through Virginia on Interstates 81 and 64, you pass through Rockbridge County.
Cover Report: Pediatric Care
As you and your partner stop at a red light, you notice two children in the vehicle next to you -- the youngest being held by an adult in the front seat.
EMS calls involving pediatric patients are emotionally charged and can generate a high level of stress for the personnel who respond.
I’ve reviewed many great tools for EMSers during the past 25 years: the Stifneck, V-Vac, SAM, SSCORT, Spider Straps, the KED and KTD, the Sager and a gazillion others.
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