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EMS World February 2005

EMS World Magazine has been published continuously since 1972. Informative and balanced editorial content make EMS World Magazine the most authoritative source in the world for clinical and educational material designed to improve the delivery of prehospital emergency medical care. It is written, edited, illustrated and formatted to appeal to the full spectrum of EMS professionals: Paramedics, EMTs, administrators and instructors working in private and public services.
It is late spring 2004, and the weather is beautiful in Jefferson County.
EMS Reruns is an advice column designed to address dilemmas you may have experienced in EMS that you did not know how to handle.
When the fire department I worked for back in the early ’70s considered providing a more modern form of prehospital care, things were in a sad state of affairs to say the least.
John Erich
Every so often, we harp at you about vehicle safety.
Attack One responds to a motor vehicle accident with several persons injured.
Every day, approximately 1,000 people die from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).
Welcome to my first installment in a series of guest editorials.
Hurricanes Tax EMS Providers in Florida
Cover Report: Disaster Preparedness/Terrorism Response
Whatever the difficulties of prioritizing a handful of people by life-threat and viability, they pale against the challenge of doing so for hundreds.
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