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EMS World December 2008

EMS World Magazine has been published continuously since 1972. Informative and balanced editorial content make EMS World Magazine the most authoritative source in the world for clinical and educational material designed to improve the delivery of prehospital emergency medical care. It is written, edited, illustrated and formatted to appeal to the full spectrum of EMS professionals: Paramedics, EMTs, administrators and instructors working in private and public services.
Sponsors meet at EMS EXPO to discuss the importance of prehospital ECG
Welcome to our annual Buyer's Guide, plus a taste of things to come

     Never has running an EMS organization been more complex. Today's bosses face challenges of patient care, system operations, technology, finance, quality assurance and more. But the problem is…

     You'd have to be a hermit not to recognize safety as a major buzzword in today's EMS world, and everybody can do something about it.

     A tiny subcommittee of Colorado's statewide…

Identifying patients in the out-of-hospital setting who have no realistic hope of surviving an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest could enhance utilization of scarce healthcare resources.
Emergency training event brings hospital, public agencies shoulder to shoulder.
Thom Dick
Three strikes and you're out.
Mike Smith, BS, MICP
...extending the reach of the ICARE philosophy.
When a doctor's orders exceed your scope, what's a provider to do?
The roles and responsibilities of the National Association of EMS Educators.
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