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EMS World September 2009

EMS World Magazine has been published continuously since 1972. Informative and balanced editorial content make EMS World Magazine the most authoritative source in the world for clinical and educational material designed to improve the delivery of prehospital emergency medical care. It is written, edited, illustrated and formatted to appeal to the full spectrum of EMS professionals: Paramedics, EMTs, administrators and instructors working in private and public services.
Daniel Limmer, AS, EMT-P
An introduction to the new EMS education standards
Thomas A. Middleton, RN, EMT-I
A combat medic describes his battle with the difference between the ethics of military medicine and civilian medicine
Greg Friese, MS, NREMT-P
Social media and social networking offer new opportunities for communication
Marie Nordberg
Advertising solving recruitment woes for Ohio EMS agency
Thom Dick
EMT students may face several dilemmas when it comes to patient care during a ridealong
Mike Smith, BS, MICP
EMS should not be using bubble forms when it comes to patient care documentation
James J. Augustine, MD, FACEP
EMS providers need to cast a wide net in evaluating patients for acute myocardial infarction
Robert S. Porter, MA, EMT-P
Computer-enhanced education can vastly improve the EMS recertification and reregistration process.
Christopher Nollette, EdD, NREMT-P, LP
The National Association of EMS Educators' past-president shares a vision for the future of EMS education
Jeremy Dewall, MD, NREMT-P
Evidence-based guidelines for prehospital pediatric traumatic brain injury care
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