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EMS World December 2010

EMS World Magazine has been published continuously since 1972. Informative and balanced editorial content make EMS World Magazine the most authoritative source in the world for clinical and educational material designed to improve the delivery of prehospital emergency medical care. It is written, edited, illustrated and formatted to appeal to the full spectrum of EMS professionals: Paramedics, EMTs, administrators and instructors working in private and public services.
John Erich
With health information exchange, EMS should finally claim its place
John Erich
Breaching the barriers to patient-friendly design in EMS
John Erich
A tragedy gives rise to positive changes in D.C. EMS
Barry D. Smith
Front-line focus groups help Reno leaders take cues from their team
Marie Nordberg
EMS system design and improvement
Mike Rubin
You won't eliminate the darkness, but you can make lives a little brighter
John Erich
The American Heart Association's guidelines for CPR reflect what the resuscitation community has learned in recent years
Angelo Salvucci, Jr., MD, FACEP
The relationship between layperson bystander CPR and survival to hospital discharge was evaluated
John Erich
The final standard is expected to be completed by 2012
Angelo Salvucci, Jr., MD, FACEP
Transnasal evaporative cooling has sufficient heat transfer capacity for effective intra-arrest cooling
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